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Kind LED K5 XL1000

Dimensions:åÊ26‰Û_ x 20‰Û_ x 3.5‰Û_
Weight:åÊ36 lbs.
Actual Wattage:åÊ630w
HID Wattage Equivalent:åÊ1000w.
Total Diodes:åÊ320
Diodes Wattage:åÊPerfect Mix of 3w & 5w
Footprint:åÊ5' x 5'
Input Voltage:åÊ100-240V AC Power Input
Output Voltage:åÊUL Standard Output Voltage ‰ÛÒ Less than 76V DC
Kind Factor:åÊ10/10

Kind LED Grow Lights has created the World's Best Indoor LED Grow LightåÊ

The K5 SeriesåÊis comprised of the perfect mix of 3 & 5 WattåÊLightåÊEmittingåÊDiodes.åÊ Each of the three primary ranges of the photosynthetic spectrum can be dimmed and intensified individually to give your plants their ideal spectral ratios from seed straight through to harvest.åÊ The K5 Series boasts an extra large footprint that dwarfs those of competing LEDs and now even equals that of traditional grow lighting.åÊ

The Secondary Optical Lenses individually focus and intensify the output of every single diode, significantly magnifying PAR andåÊincreasing canopy penetration.åÊ This revolutionary series of LED grow lights will produce the biggest and best yields,åÊwhile consuming approximately half the electricity and producingåÊa fraction of the heat of HID lighting.

Your Kind K5 will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, while running quieter, cooler, and more efficiently than any other grow light. åÊGuaranteed.

This is why growers are unanimously agreeing that the new K5 Series LED Grow Lights are clearly THE best LED indoor grow light.

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

  • KINDEST YIELDSåÊ-åÊPerfect Mix of 3 & 5 Watt Diodes Increases Overall Efficiency and Intensity, Resulting in Huge Yields
  • KINDEST DIMMABLE SPECTRUMåÊ-åÊFull Spectrum Control Allows Digital Tuning of Spectrum to Match Any Plant Type at Any Stage of Growth, Veg or Flower
  • KINDEST FOOTPRINTåÊ-åÊLargest Footprint of Any LED in the Industry, Now Matching That of its HPS Counterpart
  • KINDEST INTENSITYåÊ-åÊSecondary Optical Lens Magnifies PAR and Increases Canopy Penetration By Up to 200%

Why are the Kind K5 series XL1000's the Best LED Grow Lights?

    1. Extra Large footprintåÊsolves one of the main problems that LED lights have faced in the past. Because of historically small footprints, due to small circuit board construction, LED lights have always failed to deliver the finished harvest weights promised in comparison to their said HPS counterparts. Truly lit square footage of canopy space is a very crucial component to overall harvest weight. Kind LED features high quality diodes intensified with secondary optical lenses and spread over an extra large housing, now providing true footprint replacements for 750w and 1000w HPS.åÊ Finally, with Kind LED, harvest weights are true to spec.

    2. Fully customizable spectrumåÊallows the user to not only adjust the spectrum to match vegetative and flowering stages of their plants, but also allows for specific spectrum control for nearly any type of plant genus in applications such as greenhouse growing and in agriculture operations where crop rotation, or crop zoning, is common.

    3. Internal timing functionåÊof the K5 series lights allows for more streamline setups where the user can do away with separate analog or digital timers that can be bulky and extremely unreliable. Now, all light cycles are programmed and changed from a convenient remote.

    4. 8 stage ‰Û÷mother earth‰۪ timing functionåÊallows user to mimic the great outdoors like never before seen in indoor growing, slowly waking your plants up in the morning and seeing them to bed every night. 8 separately set stages allow for light to gently turn on in the ‰Û÷morning‰۪ (sunrise), intensify into full power (full day sun), then gently turn off in the ‰Û÷evening‰۪ (sunset). Each of these stages can be set to the user‰۪s desired duration and desired spectrum intensities.

    5. Perfect mix of 3 watt and 5 watt diodesåÊcreate the ideal amount of usable light for lush, healthy, huge plants. 5 watt LED diodes are awesome. They emit an intense amount of light and have the ability to penetrate the plants canopy like no other. But, too many 5 watt LED chips, and a light can run too hot, doing away with one of the main benefits of LED lights. The K5 series lights have the best of both worlds. The ‰Û÷sweet spot‰۪ efficiency of the 3 watt LED chips, mixed with the harvest boosting power of the 5 watt LED chips.

    6. True to spec harvest expectations.åÊWhen we say our XL1000 replaces a 1000 HPS, we mean it. In order to be a reputable company, one must not make false claims that their product can‰۪t support. Let‰۪s face it, no LED light that only draws 350 watts is going to replace a 1000 watt HPS, period. We make reasonable claims at KIND LED. We have found, through extensive testing and research, that a 40-50% savings in electricity is what you can expect from our lights. Our 1000 watt equivalent light draws about 630 watts or 63% of what a 1000 watt HPS would typically pull.åÊ But that‰۪s just the light!!åÊ Add up all the other savings in equipment needed for heat management in a traditional HPS room, and the energy savings are even more remarkable.

    7. All functions of the K5 series are run from a convenient remote.åÊWe here at KIND LED are still scratching our heads as to how most LED companies think people are able to flip an analog switch or knob to control spectrum or switch between modes on their lights when they are in the middle of a grow and their light(s) are hanging above a huge canopy of delicate plants!!!åÊ Our lights are fully controlled from a convenient handheld remote. Control 1 or 100 simultaneously from one small device.

    8. Our lights use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming. åÊSome lights use archaic methods of dimming that only lessen the brightness of the light being emitted, while still pulling the same amount of energy out of the wall.åÊ PWM dimming allows the light to only consume as much power as it needs to drive the diodes at their set level of brightness.

    9. Sexy, sleek design.åÊMan, there are some ugly LED lights out there. Function over fashion is a must in lighting, but we have both.

    Kind Komparisons

    LED vs. HPS

    These Kind LED grow lights use only about half the electricity as HPS lights, and produce much more yield per watt.åÊ Many studies have even show an increase in oil production and quality, closer inter-nodal spacing, and denser fruits and flowers.åÊ Also, because these Kind LED grow lights produce less heat, they do not need to be air-cooled like HPS lights, therefore eliminating the need for additional fans, which also makes them run quieter.åÊ Kind LED lights run cool, so cool in fact that no additional temperature control equipment is needed besides the internal circulation fans.åÊ Lower light temperatures lead to a much more easily maintained ideal grow environment in which your plants would thrive.åÊ Because the individual diodes of a Kind LED light are set to a specific color and in a specific proportion, we are able to emit the exact spectrum that a developing plant would need to thrive, with little to no waste.åÊ The 12 bandåÊcomplete spectrum is designed to perfectly match the growth needs of your plants.åÊ Kind LED Growers will be able to simplify their grow rooms, save on electrical consumption, keep their rooms cooler, and perhaps most importantly, experience a marked increase in the quality of their fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

    Kind LED Grow Light Bulbs vs. other similar LED companies

    These K5 Kind LED lights will match or outperform any other similar 5 watt setup that is seen often throughout the web, regardless of price or claims.åÊKind LED Grow Lights are truly one of a KIND.åÊ A single Kind K5 Series LED Grow Light Eliminates the need for ALL of the following:


    • Costly Metal Halide (MH) Vegetation Lighting
    • Heat Producing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Flowering Lighting
    • Expensive Ballasts
    • Reflectors
    • Noisy Inline Fans Used to Cool Traditional "Hot Running" HID Lighting
    • Air Conditioning to Bring Down Excessive Heat
    • Water Chillers to Cool Down Boiling Reservoir Temperatures
    • Ducting & Extra Timers

    KIND Grows "Kind" Grows

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