HipVap Portable Vaporizer

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HipVap Portable Vaporizer

Introducing the HipVap; the world‰۪s most sophisticated and stylish portable vaporizer. Compact and innovative, the HipVapåÊstands alone where form, function, and the highest standards of craftsmanship meet. Perfect for dry herbs (flower), but also adept at concentrates (with the included adapter), the HipVapåÊcan go with you anywhere, provide the perfect hit every time,åÊ and look good doing it.

The HipVapåÊisåÊIntuitive:

A simple press of the button, and the HipVap‰ã¢åÊheats in seconds up to the temperature you set it to, and lets you know when the vapor is ready. Easy. The HipVap'såÊLED screen tells you the temperature in real time, and the backlit power button displays its status, so there‰۪s no need to guess when it‰۪s ready:

  • Pulsing Red - Heating Up
  • Green - Ready To Go
  • Blue - Cooling Down
  • Display 'Lo' -åÊLow Battery Warning

The HipVapåÊisåÊPrecise:

Each plant is unique, and the perfect temperature for each plant is also unique. If you want to get the most out of each material, a few temperature settings won‰۪t do. That‰۪s why the HipVap‰۪s‰ã¢åÊtemperature can be dialed in to exactly the temperature you prefer, from 150 to 430 degrees F (100 - 220 C). The HipVapåÊdelivers the perfect hit, every time.

The HipVapåÊisåÊPowerful:

Powered by two top of the line, 1700 mWh, 2.3V Lithium-Ion batteries, the HipVapåÊcan be fully charged in 4åÊhours, can withstand 2.5 hours of continuous use, and can rocket up to 380 degrees in 60 seconds. Avoid the buzz-kill of dead batteries by charging it up with the included high- capacity wall charger, or by keeping it plugged in to any phone charger or computer USB slot.

The HipVapåÊisåÊSmart:

We mind waste. It makes no sense for your herb to be vaporizing if you‰۪re not inhaling and enjoying it.åÊ That‰۪s why the HipVap‰۪såÊåÊsophisticated electronics can be set to stay at your preset åÊtemperature for as long as you‰۪d like, from one minute to ten, before it automatically cools down. As it starts to cool and the button glows blue, one fast press makes it snap back up to your preferred temperature, so you can find that sweet spot where a perfect hit is literally right at your fingertips.

The HipVapåÊisåÊStylish and Portable:

Life can take you anywhere; one day you‰۪re at the game, the next you‰۪re at a party, or skiing, or trekking in the jungle. No matter where you go, your vaporizer should be able to go with you. That‰۪s why the HipVap‰۪såÊrugged 3.5‰۝ housing is made of precision machined, anodized aluminum. Whether you‰۪re wearing a tee shirt or a tuxedo, the HipVapåÊwill not only complement your attire, but will turn heads for years to come. We‰۪re so sure of the quality of our workmanship and åÊdesign that we offer a two year warranty.

Choose from three color combinations, and get this timeless classic on your hip today.



  • 1 x HipVap Portable Vaporizer
  • 2 x Pods
  • 8 x Oil Wicks
  • 3 x Screens
  • 2 x Extra Mouth Pieces
  • 1 x Charger
  • 10 x Pipe Cleaners
  • 2 x Smell-Proof Bags
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet

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