Haze V2.5 14mm Water Tool Attachment

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Haze V2.5 Vape 14mm Water Tool Adapter

Haze Vaporizer 14mm water tool WonG (wood on glass) attachment is hand made in USA from the rare African Blackwood. You can now enjoy your Haze with your favorite water tool.

Hand crafted in Mississippi, USA from the rare African Blackwood. African Blackwood comes from West Africa and is a dense, strong and durable wood. The adapter is about 1 5/8" in length and is just over 1/2" outside diameter and is 14mm male for use with any 14mm female water tool or water tool adapter.


Do not submerge or soak in any liquid. A simple push through with a bristled type pipe cleaner should do it. If that's not enough, the pipe cleaner can be dipped in a high proof alcohol, squeeze out the excess then push through the adapter, let it dry and it will be good to go. The outside of the adapter can be wiped down with just about any wood wax or mineral oil (Wipe a small amount on,rub it in and then wipe it off to maintain the shine. You can clean it as often as possible. For use, slide the adapter into the vaporizer and then attach your water tool.


  • 1 x Haze Wood On Glass Water Tool Adapter

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