H. Aire Elite DLX Vaporizer

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H. Aire Elite Digital Desktop DLX Vaporizer Set (Includes 14mm Water Tool)

Our DLX series vaporizer kits add high grade borosilicate glass water tools to the most popular vaporizers. The H.Aire Elite DLX takes the latest model by the Canadian manufacturer and throws in a 14mm glass water tool to add filtration and cooling for your vapor. The water tool fits on the included mouthpiece extender allowing you the ability to take cool draws of thick vapor from the whip.åÊ

  • the elite vaporizer has integrated pump controls.åÊ adjust the pump timer to shut off for vapor bag perfection
  • mouthpiece will also attach the herbalAire elite to any piece of glass! GONG or TONGåÊ
  • snap the crucible onto the mouthpiece for the easiest loading and unloading
  • elegant slip ring bag assembly system
  • the 3-bag and 5-bag mouthpieces are sold as accessories.åÊ we recommend the high output pump accessory for the 5-bag mouthpiece



  • 1 x H.Aire Elite Digital Desktop Vaporizer
  • 1 x 14mm Glass Water Tool
  • 1 x Teflon Universal Fit Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Mouthpiece Extensions
  • 1 x Drop-In Crucible
  • 1 x Crucible Holder
  • 10 x Vapour Bags
  • 2 x Balloon Bag Mouthpieces with Slip Ring
  • 1 x 3' (90cm) Direct Draw Whip
  • 1 x Elite Controllable Pump
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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