Firefly 2 portable Vaporizer

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The Firefly 2 has 6 temperature settings all controlled by your app and has the ability to reach 400 degrees F in 3 seconds. The firefly 2 is less then half the weight and two thirds the size of the original firefly making the new Firefly2 the best vaporizer to be launching in 2016. The firefly2 vape is absolutely amazing and will be the premium vaporizer for this year. Due for release in Fall 2016.

Firefly 2 Charger

The new battery and charging cradle means the firefly2 is ready and fully charged in under 40 minutes.The cradle comes with a USB 3.0 that can connect to any cellphone or tablet charger.

Firefly 2 Experience

A magnetic lid and borosilicate glass vapor path ensures loading & cleaning is very very easy. The mouthpiece can also be removed & has a particulate filter.

The Firefly‰ۡó»s unique dynamic convection technology only heats your material as you inhale, allowing you to enjoy the flavors & experience all the active ingredients at the same time they are released.

Firefly 2 Pack contains

Firefly 2 Vape
New Charging Dock
USB 3.0 cable
2 X Rechargeable Batteries
1 X Cleaning Kit
3 X Concentrate Pad

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