Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer

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Dr.åÊDåÊGhost Vaporizer

The Dr. D Ghost Vaporizer is a high-quality portable unit that is perfect for vaporizing your favorite aromatherapyåÊoils. It features a titanium atomizer that isåÊamong the most efficient in the market today.åÊ

About The GhoståÊ

The titanium design ensure better vapor production and increased longevity of the device itself. The 5-click lock mechanism helps preserve battery life and the one-button activation system make it simple for even the most novice of users. Unlike many other concentrateåÊvaporizers that come with little to no accessories, the Dr. D Ghost comes with everything you'll need to vaporize like a pro. This includes a battery, ghost concentrateåÊatomizer, mouthpiece, concentrateåÊstorage container, aromatherapy tool, USBåÊcharger and instruction manual.åÊ


  • 1 x Dr. D Ghost Portable Vaporizer
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Ghost ConcentrateåÊAtomizer
  • 1 x Ghost Attachment
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x ConcentrateåÊStorage Container
  • 1 x AromatherapyåÊTool
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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