Crafty/Mighty 18mm 3D-Printed Adapter

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Crafty/Mighty 18mm 3D-Printed Adapter

We've used our own cutting-edge̴Ì_3D printer to produce this awesome 18mm adapter which is compatible with both the Crafty and the Mighty. Now you can use the two best portable vaporizers in the world with any standard 18mm ground glass products. When you order this part you will actually receive an adapter which was created on our 3D printer in our head office. Please note that any parts created on the printer require support structures which hold the part in place while suspended on the printer's build platform. Therefore, you may see some small imperfections or structure marks on the adapter̴Ì_which are natural and are what make this piece so unique. Each adapter has the structures clipped and hand sanded to finish once the print is complete.


  • 1 x Crafty / Mighty 18mm 3D Printer Adapter (Water Tool Sold Separately)̴Ì_


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