Black Mamba Vaporizer


$53.95 $89.95

Black Mamba Dry HerbåÊVaporizer

The Black Mamba is a dry herb, conduction vaporizer with precise and even heating. The unique shape and design of this vaporizer allows for a large ceramic chamber that holds about .65 g of material. This vaporizer features an all glass vapor path and a food grade glassåÊmouthpiece. With only a 2 second heat up time, there areåÊ5 temperature settings available: 428å¡F (220å¡C), 410å¡F (210å¡C),åÊ392å¡F (200å¡C),åÊ374å¡F (190å¡C),åÊ356å¡F (180å¡C).


  • 1 x Black MambaåÊVaporizer
  • 2 x Glass MouthpiecesåÊwith Metal Filters
  • 1 xåÊPacking Tool
  • 1 x CleaningåÊBrush
  • 1 xåÊTweezer
  • 1 x USBåÊCharger
  • 1 x UseråÊGuide

Video Review

Namaste Kory reviews theåÊBlack Mamba!

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