Arizer Extreme Q


$149.99 $259.95

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer By Arizer

The Arizer Extreme Q is Arizer's most powerful vaporizer by a mile. 

The Arizer Extreme Q is the perfect vaporizer for anyone considering going down the desktop vaporizer route. The Extreme Q offers high-quality vapor from a reliable brand and includes a ton of features at an incredicly low price when compared to its competitors in the vaporizer industry. The Arizer Extreme Q offers a level of versatility and quality that gives you plenty of bang for not too many bucks.

Thick & Tasty Vapor

The Arizer Extreme Q uses a ceramic heating element. This, combined with a glass cover results in your herbs tasting their absolute best. Once you've nailed down your technique, prepare to get the thick vapor of your dreams.


The Arizer Extreme Q is the King of versatility. The Extreme Q allows you to use a whip for direct draw or to fill bags with vapor. It can also be put on assist mode, assist mode allows you make whip draws even simpler. The Extreme Q comes with a remote control, allowing you to get it warming up from the moment you enter the room, making it the lazy mans dream. 

Extreme Value

The Arizer Extreme Q by Arizer is designed and assembled in Canada. It has fastly become one of the best selling and most popular desktop vaporizers on the marketplace today. Most surprisingly, since its initial release the Extreme Q has been continuously updated over the years and somehow Arizer have found a way to drop its price to almost half of what it orginally cost.

The value the Extreme Q offers cannot be underestimated especially when you consider it delivers most of the same features of the Volcano vaporizer at less than half the price.

Great For Beginners & Pros

Desktop vaporizers can intimidate even the most seasoned vape enthusiasts. They can be too expensive and over complicated to use. The Arizer Extreme Q instantly allows users to achieve great results from the start. It offers some great features which include its temperature options. The temperature options allow for experimentation and are felxible enough to prevent you from becoming bored to easily. Once you've figured it all out, you'll soon find yourself coming back sooner rather than later.

What's Included in the Arizer Extreme Q Box?

  • 1 Remote Control
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 2 Balloons
  • 1 Mini Whip for Balloons
  • 1 Three Foot Silicon Whip
  • 2 Interchangeable Mouthpieces
  • Potpourri Dish
  • 2 Cyclone Bowls
  • 1 Glass Stirring Tool
  • Extra Screens


Brand Name: Arizer

Compatibility: Herbs/Flowers

Delivery Method: Dual-Use

Heating Technique: Full Convection

Heat-Up Time: 1-3 Minutes

Adjustable Temperature: Yes

Temperature Range: 50°C-260°C

Automatic Switch-Off: Yes

Portable/Desktop: Desktop

Warranty: 2 years


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