Apple Dab Rig With 8 Arm Octopus Perc

JM Flow Sci Glass


Designed and made in Riverside California, this spectacular glass dab rig from JM Flow Sci Glass stands at 16cms tall. The stemless piece is equipped with an effective 8-arm octopus perc and features a male 14.5mm joint, slash-cut vapour dome and angled sidecar mouthpiece.


  • American Borosilicate Glass

  • Spectacular Octopus Perc

  • 14.5mm Ground Joint

  • Slash-Cut Vapour Dome (No Nail Included)

  • Angled Sidecar Mouthpiece


8-Arm Octopus Percolator

JM Flow Sci GlassåÊequip the oil rig with a highly effective 8-arm octopus percolator, this supplies the user with a significantly cool, clean hit. Forcing the water through each of the 8 arms, the perc helps increase the surface area interaction between the vapour and the water. This results in a large amount of diffusion which in turn helps cool down the hit and remove carcinogens.

Angled Sidecar Mouthpiece

The angled sidecar mouthpiece makes it impossible for any water to escape through the mouthpiece. So no nasty splashback will occur when in use!

Made in the USA

100% made in America, this inventive dab rig is designed and made in California from the finest borosilicate glass.

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