Apollo XLR2.0 With Stainless Steel E-Nail



Sublimator Apollo XLR2.0 With Stainless Steel E-Nail

The revolutionary Sublimator has been blowing people's minds since it burst onto the scene at an industry show in Amsterdam in 2013. The team of boffins behind this amazing device are now back with an updated version:

The Sublimator produces a dense gas from organic compounds and concentrates. The 3-part process includes thermal injection, radiation and induction. åÊAlthough similar, this process is known as sublimation as opposed to vaporization. åÊ

When you inhale on the Sublimator, it creates vacuum pressure within the device. åÊWhen the pressure is combined with thermal energy from the heat source, the Sublimator produces a gas.åÊThis process extracts the essential oils, terpenes and active ingredients from your herbs or concentrate at once.

The revolutionary Apollo heating device creates a whirlpool of hot and cool air in the atomizer to effectively purge all active ingredients from your chosen herb. This extraction gets the full potency of the herb like never before.

The Sublimator comes packages as a complete kit which includes everything you'll need to start enjoying sublimation straight away, including a stainless steel e-nail for your oils and wax.
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