Amber 420 Jars - Write & Erase (Hello My Strain Is...)

420 Science


Made in the USA, these amber-glass 420 Jars are designed with air tight sealing lids to keep the contents fresh. 420 Jars are the ideal means of herb storage and the amber-tinted glass is an extra protection against the sun's rays. The screw-top lids keep things nice and fresh and there are many different herb-culture designs to choose from.

Screw-Top Amber 420 Jars Size Guide:

åÊHeight 4.5cm
åÊWidth 4.5cm
åÊHolds 30ml or 1.5g

åÊHeight 5.5cm
åÊWidth 5.5cm
åÊHolds 59ml or 3.5g

åÊHeight 7cm
åÊWidth 6cm
åÊHolds 118ml or 7g

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