8 Inch Fountain Perc Oil Rig



Closeout - 8 Inch Fountain Perc Oil Rig Beaker Base

This beautiful glass oil rig from Closeout stands 22cm in height on it's elegant beaker style base with supporting marble feet.

The rig is equipped with an integrated fountain percolator which cools the action down and delivers a smooth, tasty hit. åÊAs you hit the rig, jets of aerated water shoot up from the fountain perc, breaking up the smoke and increasing the surface area which cools the hit.

Made from premium quality borosilicate glass, the 8 inch Fountain Perc Oil Rig comes complete with a glass concentrate nail and a stylish glass vapour dome. åÊThe piece is finished with decorative implosion marbles which double as sturdy feet for this stunning glass rig.

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