6 in 1 Titanium Dabbing Nail with Carb Cap

EDIT Collection


The EDIT Collection offers this unique titanium dabbing nail with built in carb cap and dabbing tool. Able to fit 10mm, 14.5mm, and 18.8mm female and male joints, this concentrate nail is certainly an essential dabbing accessory.

  • 6 in 1 Design Universal Fit

  • Fits Male and Female Joints

  • Titanium Nail, Carb Cap and Dabber

  • Exclusive to the EDIT Collection

High-Quality Titanium

Made from high-quality titanium, this extremely durable nail has great heat retention and will never break no matter how much you misuse it.

Universal Compatibility

This essential nail is able to fit male and female joints that are 10mm, 14.5mm and 18.8mm in size, allowing you to use this titanium concentrate nail with any glass dab rig available on the market.

Carb Cap & Dabbing Tool

EDIT Collection include a swing carb cap to the nail to allow the user to vaporize their essential oils at low temperatures. The attachment helps restrict the airflow to your concentrates during dabbing. As the carb cap‰۪s hole creates suction, a vortex is produced which successfully cools down the vapour. This produces a smoother, more flavourful hit for the user. The handle for the carb cap doubles as a handy dabber to help you transfer your sticky concentrates with ease.

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