6 Arm Tree Perc Hammer Bubbler Oil Rig



Elev8 - 6 Arm Tree Perc Hammer Bubbler Oil Rig

Straight from Colorado Springs, Elev8 have begun to make a name for themselves. The glassblowers' company aim is to give the customersåÊhigh-qualityåÊproducts and innovative custom designs.åÊ

Elev8 continue to create imaginative pieces of glasswork with this 6 Arm Tree Perc Hammer Bubbler Oil Rig. This small, portable oil rig contains a 6 arm tree perc that forces the smoke particles to break up. This forces the surface area to increase which allows the smoke to cool down for a superior hit.

This inspired oil rig is equipped with a glass concentrate nail andåÊan 18.8mmåÊfemale vapour dome, which stops any precious vapour being wasted.

Elev8 have customized this clear water pipe with a sublime multicoloured art design on theåÊdownstemåÊswitchball. This design is then complemented by the standard Elev8 logo in black and bold print.

It's great little functional art pieces like this, that is giving Elev8 the status of a flourishing glassblowers operation.

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