5mm Stemless Turbine Disc Perc Bong Black Edition

White Rhino


White Rhino - 5mm Stemless Turbine Disk Perc - Black Edition

White Rhino bring the fire once again with this Stemless Turbine Disc Percolator bong. Created with 5mm thick borosilicate glass by the master lamp workers at White Rhino HQ.

This piece features an 18.8mm female joint and an 18.8mm bowl / slide which comes with a handle and a fixed screen, reducing the need for a gauze. It stands at a modest 31cm tall and has a diameter of 10cm at its widest point.åÊ

It's main feature is a Turbine Disc percolator which filters and breaks up the smoke. This action helps to remove some particulates and carcinogens but also makes the smoke more flavoursome and smooth.

White Rhino USA is dedicated to producing a very high end product for the consumer to depend on and enjoy on a day-to-day basis. They have not held back with this high end glass bong which is both sleek in design and functional.

Order this stunning piece today from the EDIT site and receive free world wide shipping and same day dispatch if ordered before 4:20 (GMT) we also offer our famous price match guarantee on this product. åÊ

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