5mm Series Short Straight Bong



The 5mm Series Short Straight Bong from Illadelph gets straight to the point. A monochromatic look keeps it simple - but not too plain. Armed with all the right accessories, it‰۪s ready and waiting to take on your next smoke sesh.


  • 19mm Female Joint

  • 19mm to 14.5mm Reducing Down Stem

  • 14.5mm Male Single Hole Slide Bowl

  • Black Acrylic Keck Clip

  • Signature Padded Illadelph Box


In a Pinch

Who doesn‰۪t like being one of the cool kids? Take as many (or as few) ice cubes as you‰۪d like and drop them into the mouthpiece. The pinch style ice notches will catch and hold them perfectly, while still providing adequate airflow for a much cooler hit every time.


Black Label

The crystal clear glass provides a striking contrast against the jet-black Illadelph branding, including their logo as well as their coat of arms. Take a closer look and you‰۪ll see the subtle platinum outline - a superb example of Illadelph‰۪s attention to detail.


Made in the USA

We are proud to supply authentic Illadelph products, and support their commitment to American craftsmanship. All genuine Illadelph pieces are manufactured in Philadelphia, PA.

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