5mm Beaker Base 2 Perc Bong White Edition

White Rhino


White Rhino - 5mm Beaker Base 2 Perc Bong - White Edition

This gorgeous looking 2 Percolator Beaker Bong is created by the master glass blowers at White Rhino. It is made with scientific grade borosilicate glass that is heat treated to be ultra durable and heat resistant.åÊ

It is frosted in appearance apart from the mid section that reveals the two dome percolators. The large beaker base allows for ample water to be used which cools and filters the smoke, it also allows for a large volume of smoke to enter the tube for a stronger experience than straight bongs. Standing at 48cms tall and 12cms in diameter this is one of the larger bongs White Rhino make.åÊ

It boasts a reducing slit diffuser, which purifies the smoke and gets rid of some of the impurities that may be in the smoke before it hits the water.åÊFrom the beaker base the smoke works its way up to the double dome percolators which filter and break up the smoke on a molecular level, this translates to a much smoother smoke and more flavoursome experience than a standard bong.åÊ

White Rhino is one of the top manufacturers of USA glass bongs and with this work of art it's easy to see why.

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