4" Handmade Crystal Herb Pipe - Labadorite



These unique crystal pipes from Mystique are a great little pocket friendly way to keep your smoking mobile without having to carry papers and rolling gear with you everywhere you go. Each one is hand made from a different type of crystal and as such will have slight variations but each is no less beautiful and tactile than the next. Each crystal has it's own supposed properties, allowing you to choose a material that matches your personality and lifestyle. This particular version is constructed from Labradorite which is said to have fallen from the frozen fires of nature's most curious beauty, the Aurora Borealis. Labradorite is believed to be the stone which seperates the real world from the unseen realms. It is a stone of witch doctors shamans and healers, used to bring enlightenment to those seeking to understand the universe and who seek guidance. It takes you on an inward journey of enlightenment and clarity.

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