20 Inch Glass on Glass Straight Bong With Colour Lip and Bottom

HVY Glass


Made in the USA, this 20-inch glass on glass straight bong is a stand out piece from HVY Glass‰۪ scientific glass collection. Designed with coloured accents on the lip, slider, and base, this straight tube bong features a 19mm female joint, downstem diffuser, slide bowl and ice notches.


  • Slide Bowl and Downstem Diffuser

  • Female 19mm joint size

  • Male 19mm bowl joint size

  • 5mm Borosilicate Glass

  • Ice Notches

  • Choice of Green or Orange Accents


Ice Notches

3 pinch ice notches allow the user to place a number of ice cubes down the tube. This will force the smoke to pass through the ice and results in a significantly cooler hit for the user.


Downstem Diffuser

Equipped with a 6 slit downstem diffuser, this waterpipe will consistently produce smooth, cool hits for the user. An increased bubbling action allows the smoke to be filtered more efficiently, which also helps remove any nasty carcinogens.

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