12 Inch Silicone Unbreakable Bong

EDIT Collection


This unbreakable silicone bong from the EDIT Collection is simply the bomb. At 12 inches tall, this piece can be broken down into multiple pieces for toting any place your little heart desires. Simple doesn‰۪t mean boring though - this piece is equipped with a dual purpose ice catcher and diffuser perc. A glass downstem and slide bowl are included for full functionality.

  • Silicone Cnstruction

  • 12 Inch Height

  • 18mm Female Joint

  • 4 å_ Inch Downstem

  • Suction Cup Bottom

  • Superior Durability

  • Available in Black, Clear, Camouflage, and Rasta colours


Made from durable, heat resistant silicone, this bong is a breeze to clean and transport. Maybe your not traveling, but you need a not-so-fragile piece? BOOM. SIlicone bongs are built to withstand life's bumps and bruises.

EDIT Collection

Us crazy staff over here at EDIT design durable and functional pieces with our customers in mind.

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