Hitman 12 Inch Beaker Bong



This 12 inch beaker bong by Hitman evokes major mad scientist vibes. Choose from crystal clear or misty frosted finishes. Sturdy base with glass screened bowl help this piece work overtime to get you lifted.

  • 4 å_ Inch Wide Base

  • 2 å_ Inch Mouthpiece Diameter

  • 18mm Female Ground Joint

  • Slitted Diffused Downstem

  • Slide Bowl with Glass Screen and Handle

  • Available in Clear with an Etched Logo, or Frosted with a Clear Logo.


Slitted Downstem

The slitted downstem on this Hitman piece will sift through your smoke with ease, giving you a full pure hit each time.

Specialized Slide Bowl

A glass screen in your bowl is an engineering delight for your lungs. Instead of blocking up your bowl with a metal screen or gauze, place your unground herbal mixture on the glass catches built within the bowl. An easy lift handle on the side makes hits a breeze.

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