10 Arm Tree Perc Bubbler With Dual Sprocket Discs Grav Gold Collection

Grav Labs


Grav Labs - 10 Arm Tree Perc Bubbler With Dual Sprocket Discs - Grav Gold Collection

This stunning glass bubbler from Grav Labs is part of their premium Grav Gold Collection - the home of their most artistic creations.

Standing 31.5cm in height, this stemless waterpipe is made to a supreme standard by the master flameworkers at Grav Labs studios in Austin, Texas, USA.

Top quality borosilicate glass is used to create these beautiful artisan water pipes, and with a glass thickness of 5mm and a sturdy circular base, this beautiful scientific bubbler is built to give it's lucky new owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.

This 10-arm Tree Perc Bubbler from Grav Labs features a 14.5mm female connection which snugly accommodates the included bowl slide. åÊ

Using some of the most advanced percolation technology yet seen, the piece is equipped with a 10-arm tree percolator as well as two sprocket disc percolators. åÊThis combination of tree perc and dual disc percs breaks up smoke into finer particles, increasing the surface area. åÊThe airflow agitates the water inside, causing a spectacular bubbling action which rapidly cools and smoothes the smoke and delivers a clean, cool hit every time. åÊ

Like the rest of the Grav Gold Collection, the 10-arm Dual Sprocket Disc Perc Bubbler is elaborately decorated; in this case with the iconic Grav Labs logo in a stylish, gilded font on the main chamber and just below the flared mouthpiece.åÊ

This superb quality piece is sure to be a huge hit with connoisseur glass collectors, particularly those who appreciate American glass.åÊ

Order your US-made Grav Labs piece from EDIT today for free shipping and our famous price match guarantee.åÊ


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