10 Arm Ash Catcher 45 Degree

Roor Tech


Roor Tech - 10 Arm Ash Catcher 45 Degree

This beautiful glass Ash Catcher or Precooler is made in the USA from the finest quality borosilicate glass.

The ash catcher stands 16,5cm in height and has a 45 degree angled joint with a male 18.8mm connection.

Inside the chamber, the Roor Tech Ash Catcher is equipped with a 10-arm percolator which breaks up smoke and vapour into smaller bubbles, increasing the surface area. åÊThis action rapidly cools the smoke down and removes a lot of particulates and toxins from the smoke to deliver a smoother hit.

The piece is finished with the iconic Roor Tech logo emblazoned down the side of the main chamber in bold black and white print.

This is a superb quality glass bong attachment from RooR Tech that is sure to be popular with connoisseur smokers. åÊOrder your new RooR Tech piece from EDIT today and experience the ultimate glass smoking experience for yourself.

Note: Available in a variety of colour schemes. See dropdown for more info.

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