1 Perc 10 Arm Style Inline Bong

Roor Tech


Roor Tech - 1 Perc 10 Arm Style Inline Bong

Roor Tech continue to be consistently bold and inventive in their glasswork designs, this double percolated bong exhibits exactly why we're huge fans of the American brand.

Standing at a humongous 55cm in height, this large glass bong is built with a inline percolator which helps break up smoke into small particles thus creating a larger surface area. The secondary percolator, a 10 arm tree perc further removes carcinogens and creates a satisfyingly cool and clean hit.

Also included in this magnificent piece is male 18.8mm glass bowl with handle, ice notches and finally a splashguard to prevent any spillage.

This effective glass percolator bong from Roor Tech is available in a variety of different Roor Tech logo colours. See dropdown menu for more information.

Like what you've seen, then order your RooR Tech piece from EDIT today and you'll be experiencing the ultimate smoking experience.

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