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The Best 2018 Has To Offer

Its been an incredibly exciting year for the vaping community. We've been introduced to some amazing new vaporizers as well as seen some old favourites retaining the top spot. 

These vaporizers have proven themselves to be fan favourites within the vaping world. With a nice mix of old and new this collection displays a wide range of high-quality vaporizers that will improve your vaping experience.

If your looking for portable pieces of perfection or the most decadent desktops the vaporizers below have proven themselves worthy to feature on this list of most popular vaporizers.


Retail Price: $249.99 $229.99


$349.00 $399.00

DaVinci IQ

$274.95 $299.95

Volcano Digital

Retail Price: $688.95 $669.00


Retail Price: $199.00


$279.00 $399.00

Volcano Classic

Retail Price: $579.95 $539.00