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Boundless - Bound for Greatness

Boundless changed the vaporizer market by introducing us to affordable portable vaporizers with a new and improved level of performance. Boundless offer vaporizers ranging from ultra-affordable conduction models to the most cutting-edge badass convection vapes. 

Boundless arrived onto the scene back in 2016 and fast became a much loved vape brand amongst the vape community. They released two of the most affordable and huge cloud producing portable vaporizers the Boundless CFX and Boundless CF. 

Soon after Boundless released the Boundless CFC and CFV. In such a short space of time, Boundless have managed to install themselves as one of the vaping worlds best brands, delivered high-quality vapes at an affordable price. 

Boundless continued their impressive release schedule this year with the arrival of the Boundless Terra and the Boundless CFC 2.0.